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Healing Sexual Trauma With Erotic Healing

Sexual trauma is a particularly painful form of injury for us humans.

There is no faster or more lasting way to build intimacy between people than to put us into close proximity in a stressful situation. Our minds and hearts are simply designed to build close bonds between us; the more closely emotionally intimate we are with each other, the more likely we are to work together for our mutual survival, and working with one another vastly increases our odds of survival. We may no longer need to rely upon teamwork to survive on a day by day basis, but the mechanisms that ensured our species’ survival are still present within us. Sexual trauma hurts us most because it both creates a deep bond and uses that bond to injure us yet further.

When an individual experiences Sexual Trauma, the damage can take many forms.

Famously, Patty Hearst was kidnapped and held against her will, eventually coming to identify with her captors and coming to work with them in a bank robbery. Stockholm Syndrome is the process by which we identify with the people who cause us injury. It’s a self defense mechanism the mind employs to protect us; after all, if we agreed to participate, we weren’t ‘victims’, now were we? If we agree with our abusers, it wasn’t abuse. If we deserved it, it can’t hurt as much. Each of these sorts of defense mechanism can help protect us in the moment of injury and trauma, but they do not help us when we enter into healing for our traumas.

Sexual Trauma can be inflicted in a lot of different methods.

Obviously, acts of sexual violence will leave behind trauma. And far too frequently other forms of sexual trauma are overlooked, denigrated, and ignored because they “weren’t violent”, or even weren’t violent ‘enough’. When we are intimate and emotionally open to another person, we are deeply vulnerable to them. Sexual trauma can happen by accident, without the intent to cause us damage, and sometimes without us even consciously noticing. When your sex partner laughs at you or your body; when a prospective date rejects you; when your attempt to be romantic fails to be well received… The rejection of our partners and loved ones can deeply wound us.

In addition to the types of Sexual Trauma that others inflict upon us, there is also self inflicted Sexual Trauma.

In some ways, self inflicted sexual trauma is very hard to root out and overcome. While you may not be able to reject an invitation to date yourself, you can reject your own right to pleasure. When you judge your own desires as ‘too deviant’ or ‘too weird’, when you destroy your belongings in a purge cycle, when you use makeshift sexual toys that can hurt you, when your sexual activities spiral out of control into addiction or self harm, you are effectively rejecting your own right to be happy and have pleasure.

How do you heal from Sexual Trauma?

It can take a lot of work and effort to deal with the aftereffects of sexual trauma. A good therapist can be of immense help to you in working through your own thoughts and feelings around your trauma, but when it comes time to do practical applied work on your trauma, your therapist can seldom assist. It falls to you and your partner to attempt any practical work together, unguided, unaided, all alone. Until now. With the help of the professional erotic healers here you can find a guide, an assistant, and a helpful presence in your journey to erotic health. Either with your partner or in a session between just yourself and your erotic healer, you can safely explore your sexual trauma and work to find effective solutions and health.

Erotic Healing for Sexual Trauma can be useful for all degrees of trauma and all stages of healing.

If you need support while you attempt to cross dress for the first time, you’ll find supportive and helpful advice here. If you need someone to remind you not to purge your belongings, help you pick out a safe sex toy to use, or give advice on techniques and approaches, you’re in the right place. Erotic Healing takes many forms, from listening while you share your story, to advising you on what to do next, to guiding you through exercises designed to help you heal yourself. The compassionate healing environment you’ll find here with our professionals is certain to be beneficial and help you reach erotic bliss.