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This is an erotic healing site...

Exploring the Origins of your Erotic Desires

Do you ever wonder where your particular fantasies, fetishes, sexual desires and kinks came from? Do you ever wish that these feelings would go away? Are you often ashamed of your feelings or desires? Do you feel like your secrets are becoming an obsession, or are somehow unhealthy? Have you ever tried to stop doing what makes you feel guilty, only to return to it with a vengeance? Do you ever thing you might have been born in the wrong body or to wrong family? Perhaps some of you even feel you have a "feminine" side, so much so that you either dream of, or actually do, dress up and/or engage in pleasing men sexually.

Relax. Take a nice, deep breath. You are far, far more "normal" than you think./

Experienced Erotic Healers to Help You Explore

This special group of Erotic Healers have studied human sexuality intensely, some academically, some practically, and some both. Collectively, we have spoken to thousands and thousands of people and have helped them understand and often transform their secret desires.

To us, sexuality is a gift. It is adult play. You see, as grown-ups, dealing with the grown-up pressures and stresses of life, we cannot let off steam in the same way we did when we were young. As such, very many of us turn to sex as a way to decompress, de-stress, relax and unwind. Sometimes it's sex with a partner, but many times, particularly for those of us with sexual "secrets" it is a practice that turns inward, manifesting in masturbation and sometimes, the elaborate fantasies and sexual rituals that accompany self-pleasure.

"Unconventional" Desires are More Common Than You May Think...

This is a very natural thing for adults to do. Why then, if it is so natural, do so many people carry so much guilt and shame about their sexual selves? For thousands of years, many outside forces, such archaic sexual beliefs rooted in ignorance, shame and religion, have caused generations of us to be wounded when it comes to sex and sexuality. Men, in particular, use sex as a coping mechanism, and also tend to "sexualize" their trauma. That is why so many men will go to great lengths and great expense, just to explore the breadth and the depth of their fetishes and kinks. It is a natural way to heal one's sexual wounds, by reliving them, over and over and over again.

There's a little secret that not too many people know, but it is ancient wisdom well-known to every Shaman. Our greatest afflictions, addictions and obsessions, are our greatest teachers, and, they have the power to help us live the life of our dreams, free from shame and guilt. This transformation can only occur if we learn to embrace, love and accept our sexuality, and, our sexual secrets, as a very natural part of who we are. Would you ever feel guilty for having been born with a certain eye color? Of course not. For it is an intrinsic part of WHO YOU ARE. If indeed, these afflictions, addictions and obsessions are our greatest teachers, let us help you, uncover the gift in your wound, in your secret.

Harness Your Sexual Energy, and Find Balance

Perhaps the kind of healing you are seeking is not necessarily one of a sexual/spiritual nature, but rather, a reining in of your sexual energy. Men are very sexual beings. If you think about it, a billion potential lives are present in every male orgasm. Many eastern traditions view a person's sexuality as their life force energy. It is the one thing that humans do that makes more humans! Simply based on that truth alone, your sexuality is indeed, very, very sacred. If you have been led to believe anything different, you may need some assistance loving the part of you that you have been taught to hide.

However, there is a double edge to this sword, as you probably already know. If you are too immersed in your sexuality -- obsessing about sex, watching porn, calling phone sex and masturbating, it can leave you drained, literally and figuratively, for much else, right? You know you need to get your sexual energies under control, but you may need some assistance in doing so. Relax, we can help you tame your sexual dragon and bring that precious life-force energy into balance.

Erotic Healers - We Listen

As Erotic Healers, you can count on us to listen, with open hearts and open minds. We can help you learn how to love and embrace your "dark" side, the side of you that you most likely keep secret from everyone. We are here to help, to listen compassionately, to provide that unconditional, loving support, acceptance and guidance that you have been craving and seeking, perhaps all of your life. Browse through each Erotic Healer to find out whom would suit you best. As you will see, each Healer brings her own unique gifts to assist you in healing yourself sexually.