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Explore Your Sexuality in a Healing Place





What is erotic healing?

In this rat race today, composed of a fast moving and hard hitting world, it is important to have a safe haven. A sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, and just "be". For some, that can mean an exhausting run to take the stress off. For others, it can be shopping, drinking, or watching mindless TV. For you, it means spending time with a sensual woman who understands you.


Just relax and unwind. Take a deep breath and simply let go. Right now, close your eyes and imagine a safe, warm, inviting place that you can always come to whenever you need. With just a phone call, you are there! you have taken the first step towards your healing. As you know, this adventure does not happen overnight; it will take some time. Time to get to know you, and time to start a dialogue to begin the healing process.

Erotic Healing

Erotic healing can cover a broad range of things. We all have our pain, scars, our issues. Please keep in mind, we are not licensed therapists or counselors. What we are, is something you need. Sensual, understanding caring women who are well versed in sexual energy.

you may think your fantasies or experiences are too obscure, and may be consumed in shame or guilt. With our erotic healing, you will have someone to talk to who does not judge you, but encourages you in positive ways to express yourself. We can walk you through it all at your own pace, taking whatever time necessary.


Like a beautiful rose, you will start to feel more confident and secure. This is a time of opening up and exploring yourself and your body. We can talk or text and you can even go on cam for us, if that helps your process. Whatever has held you back in the past, we can discuss it and move forward.

We all are sensual human beings, with urges and yearnings. It's a healthy exchange of energy. In all things there is balance, so we hope to keep a happy medium. As an example, too much stroking can be detrimental, just like too little can be debilitating.

Don't be afraid

We will take very good care of you. you can trust us to make this an experience surrounded with positive affirmations and healthy sensual energy. you will have an outpouring of sexual healing that will carry over into other aspects of your life.

Once you have opened yourself up and begun healing, you will find you feel better about yourself. Other people will notice a difference and your improved self confidence will be obvious.

Erotic healing begins with a desire and ends with sensual satisfaction. It's nothing to be casual about, and we don't gloss over it. If you are willing to put yourself in our hands, we will guide you and help you determine what pace, what direction we need to go to get you performing at your peak and fully satisfied.

It's a beautiful path.