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There is more to Mistress Cassandra than whips , chains, chastity, and cock control, however, I am about power. I'm an energy healer in the traditions of Central Mexico and Mayan Reiki. I'm trained in shamanic hands on energy medicine, ceremony, crystal therapy, and aura reading. Presently I'm working for shamanic initiation to several orders. I work with power, energy, and inter dimensional travel, among other things depending on one's quest for knowledge.

My goal with you is to work with the energy centers dealing with sexuality, the 1st and 2nd chaklas or chakras. The second chakla is the center of youth control, sex, guilt, addictions, and shyness. We focus on balancing these areas through meditation, crystals, and in some cases orgasm denial for a period of time. It all depends on what you are comfortable with.

Much guilt is stored in the 2nd chakla due to societal conditioning, culture, and religious intolerance. There should be no guilt dealing with fetishes and healthy release of orgasm. All is well as long as there are consensual agreements, and don't forget you are not responsible for the anger of those who cannot accept you as you are. If you are within the confines of conditional love, you are part of a club of many. Here we work with unconditional love, orgasm denial for a period of time, even with chastity (if requested). The Chinese for one are masters at orgasm denial, preserving the chi . To preserve the chi is to cultivate power.

My quest is to eliminate crossdresser, bi-sexual, and all transgender guilt. I have bois that love sissy humiliation without guilt, having fun with it and bringing joy into their lives by doing what they love. It saddens me to hear of dysphoria and the lament of not being born a woman. We have been every gender through past lives. This is why Thai transgenders are at one with themselves. They understand the wheel of karma. Transgenders, bi, and gay are called "Ma-ho" in some Native American tribes. The "Two-Souls" have both male and female traits. This was considered a rare and beautiful gift. It was good luck to have a Ma-Ho climb the Sun Dance Pole, and a Two Soul was immediately made Shaman in many tribes. So there is nothing to feel guilty about in being transgendered, it is empowerment.

I would love to work with you in all positive directions. Leave all guilt at the door and call me for a session.