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What is erotic healing? What does it do?

Well, the world is not set up to nurture you. It takes, and takes, and then takes some more - your job, your responsibilities, even getting from one place to another all drain your physical, mental and sexual energy. The ravages of daily life leave you raw and bruised and exposed.

Erotic healing restores you and rejuvenates you. And it is so much fun, too!

Erotic healing can take many forms. Guided masturbation, cuckolding, girlfriend experience, chastity, humiliation, sensual domination, hardcore domination, multiple male orgasm ... the list is endless! If you love it and want it, in an erotic healing session we can help your fantasy restore to you everything the day takes away.

What is your need? What is your deepest desire? When you close your eyes and breathe deeply, what appears in your mind? The right Mistress - a sensual Mistress like me - can guide your journey through your desires and open up whole new worlds of healing to explore. Your mind, body and emotions experience every twist and turn as I lead you through corners and open spaces - chafing and exposing your specific needs and then applying the salve to satiate them.

A Goddess like me possesses the knowledge and understanding to tap into your psyche. Think about it - when was the last time you felt restored and rejuvenated? When was the last time you finished your day and felt anything but spent? You need healing - erotic healing. Try it and see.