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Merry Meet to you.

Erotic healing, otherwise known as what I call Sex Magic is always lots of fun for Me. First off, My definition of magic is simply intent plus energy. Everyone does it, we just have different names of it. Erotic healing is that way for Me. I focus on healing the energy centers inside of your body while your stroke your cock. When your energy centers are clear, your mind is clear and there is not much of anything that you cannot accomplish. When stroking your cock, we both focus on One thing. We focus on that thing that you want more then anything else in the world. Let's say for example, that true wish is a better job or a fulfilling sex life. It doesn't matter what that thing is because God/the Universe/The source is always listening. All you need to know is know how to "tap" that energy. Luckily for You, I do.

Many self help books such as "The Secret" and Dr. Wayne Dyer discuss the concepts of staying positive. I love these types of books by the way. By staying positive and emotionally happy, we can accomplish anything. This sort of theology has been broadcast by many authors and has increased in popularity. This erotic healing is the same exact concept but with more of a "hands on applications" You focus on your Goal while stroking. I also focus on that Same goal With you. When you have relief, the energy of both of us goes out to manifest those desires.

Sounds easy right?

Well, I personally think it sounds like a Really good time for both of us.

Mutual masturbation is Always exciting for Me.

As a Reiki Master, we can work on clearing your chakras while you stroke. We can also work on manifesting goals for you. I think you will find it's really the most enjoyable way to change aspects of your life that you do not like. It's also a really awesome way to have an incredibly intense orgasm.

My truest wish is for you to be happy and abundant. Remember abundance comes in many forms. Sometimes a rich man is one that has profound happiness in his life. That is My wish as well for everyone reading this and for all that encounter this site.

Be well, Live well and enjoy life in all of it's forms intensely.

Blessed Be to the great Mysteries of the Unknown...