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Let me heal you with sensual, powerful healing. I have mastered the art of energy healing which is incredibly effective, especially when done from a distance. All you have to do is sit quietly, close your eyes and let the healing begin. I will tune into your energy field, and send energy healing to you. This will be the beginning of intense positive change in your life.

I am a Reiki Master, a QiGong energy healing practitioner, and a vocal toning healer. One, or more, of these healing methods is going to bring about the changes you have been looking for. Whether you need physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or sexual healing...I can help you.

As a highly spiritual person with exceptional skills of intuition, I can talk with you and help you to determine the root cause of the issue holding you back. My seductive voice will lull you into a meditative state that leaves your mind and heart open to the warm waves of healing I will send to wash over you.

If you have considered seeing a professional regarding a spiritual issue, I urge you to choose me. My background in therapy and talent in erotic healing means that you will get the healing you need. The best part is that you will get that healing from a beautiful woman with a sensual voice, an enticing manner and powerful erotic healing skills that can change your life!