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Erotic Healing With Me

Are you in search of Erotic Healing? Mind, body and spirit are deeply intertwined. If you want to experience being fully alive, all elements must be unraveled, examined and if needed, healed. That's where I come in.

Is Something Missing?

If you feel good about every part of your life except for one nagging aspect, your hidden sexual desires, then Erotic Healing sessions with me may be just what you need. Do you secretly yearn to have your wife/girlfriend cuckold you? Do you privately desire to dress as a woman? Or perhaps you secretly do now. Maybe you fantasize non stop about sucking a cock but don't want anyone else to know. Discussing these taboo or sexual fantasies that embarrass you and seemingly have no place in your life is my specialty.

Are Your Secrets Destroying Your Life?

Is your relationship on the brink or heading for rocky territory because of your secret life? Are you distracted at work? Do you feel shut down emotionally toward the ones you love or potential lovers because all you can do is obsess about your secret sexual fantasies? If any or all of this sounds familiar then it's time we heal this part of your life.

Erotic Healing Really Work Miracles!

In some cases, bringing sexual secrets to light ends up healing much more than that one aspect of your being. When deep secrets are addressed it always has a ripple effect. The end result is feeling happier and healthier and more integrated in every aspect of your life.

What To Expect from An Erotic Healing Session With Me

In this chaotic and stressful time, just having a space to unwind and express your frustrations is the first step. We will talk about what's going on with you, how it's impacting your life and look at possible options and outcomes. We will also discuss your fears about revealing your secret life and the consequences it could have. Together we will unravel and work through your blocks until you are feeling good about your fantasies and your choices surrounding them.

Ready To Feel Better?

I am available for Erotic Healing calls, Skype and text sessions most days and evenings. Make sure to read my reviews and blog, AdultPhoneSexChat.com to get a better idea of my expertise and satisfied callers.