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Life is a journey filled with twists and turns. Each day that we lead our lives we grow and change. You may not feel it taking place but it's happening. Choices lead to change which leads to other choices, and somewhere in all of that rigmarole you pick up a new interest or two. Did you become someone else? Or did another facet of your being simply awaken?

When these new discoveries pertain to both the self and sexuality, they can be quite jarring. You may suddenly feel confused about your arousal. Perhaps you have developed a sudden desire to suck cock but feel a need to rage against societal pressures. Maybe your curiosity lead you to try on that pair of silky stockings long ago, and now the need to re-explore keeps surfacing again and again.

I want you to take a deep breath and relax. Your heart may be racing because this sounds an awful lot like you. Never fear. I want you to take my hand and let me be your guide on this facet of your journey. I am fondly referred to as "Goddess" for a reason. My innate ability to connect and communicate with others on a very deep and spiritual level is a rare gift and one that I wholly cherish.

The heart, the mind, and the male member are all natural bedfellows, but when things fall out of sync, a number of problems can arise. Whatever it is that may be causing you tension and strife, let me help to reconnect the broken pieces from the inside out. I will listen. I will not judge. I will be there for you as needed. For once you experience the joy of sexual freedom, only then can the process of true healing begin. It all starts right here. Are you ready?