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Over the course of our lives we can suffer from various traumas that cause us harm. An often overlooked and ignored area of our lives that can cause us the greatest of internal suffering is our erotic lives. To be erotic is to be alive, growing, expanding, reaching into ever deeper areas of blissful joy; for far too many of us, sex and eroticism have become shameful minefields best left unexplored.

I am here to help you heal your erotic self. Any of the places in yourself that have felt the sting of rejection, the burn of betrayal, or the immolation of self doubt are well within my reach to help you heal. I have a firm ?no shame? philosophy when it comes to sex and intimacy, and I will work to create a safe space for you and I to together heal your innermost self.

Whether you experience hesitation over asking for what you need in the bedroom, or feel the need to punish yourself or be punished for perceived shortcomings, my focus is always on what you need, here and now, in this moment, to feel most miraculously alive and whole. As we work together, I hope that we can build a deeply intimate relationship centered on helping you heal from the trauma of our repressed and inhibited world.

What is your fantasy? Do you have a fetish you've never dared explore or share with anyone? How deep into bliss and ecstasy would you go if you felt safe enough to truly explore yourself? Let?s find out together.