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Let's focus on self loving, self exploration & self acceptance. Together we'll investigate where your particular feelings/fetishes came from. You will be amazed at what we find. With honesty, open-mindedness & clear thinking we will see your path... where you came from, where you are now & where you are going.

Relax as you enjoy a guided meditation. Using breath work & visualization, I'll take you to a peaceful sanctuary where you'll find your inner comfort zone. I may give you a daily affirmation that will help to keep you in your comfort zone no matter what is going on around you. It's all about being comfortable, body, mind & spirit.

Come to me, precious darling, for some good loving. I'll give you the tenderness and care that you've been missing. I promise to always love and accept you. You'll find comfort and safety here in my warm presence. Open your heart to me and I'll fill it with all the nurturing love you so greatly deserve.

Are you in pain, sweetheart? Let me kiss away the pain. Here is where I will hold you and love you, helping all your worries and fears just melt away. I'll soothe away any sorrow or loneliness you may have and fill your heart with healing love.

You can trust me and feel safe with me. I'll always love you, no matter what you do or say. I'm interested in you and I want to know all about you. I'll listen to your deep feelings, accepting everything about you, soothing you, comforting you. Mine is the shoulder you can cry on, dear one.

Call me or make an appointment to talk with me and let the healing begin.