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Sometimes, getting away from the stress of every day life is just what you need. Life can knock the wind out of our sails enough, so when you want to tune all of that out and capture a little piece of bliss call me. As a bodywork artist, I can help you leave daily aggravations behind. Maybe you aren't the meditation type, Don't worry about that because I love to help you find peace free from any dogma. All you need is the will to relax and an open mind.

You deserve a break from the world and it's judgements. There may be things that no one knows about you.Perhaps you have fantasies that a wife or girlfriend would not understand, that is where I come in. Let me guide you through patient, sensual exploration of your desires. I will incorporate those into a fantasy that is not only rejuvenating, but erotic as well.

We can explore together what makes you feel alive and content. It goes without saying that our erotic nature has a healing component that we are meant to tap into.Give yourself a chance to experience erotic healing from someone who not only know what to do, but enjoys it as well. I have to warn you though, it could become addictive!