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An excess of stimulus on a constant ongoing basis bombards our bodies; deadlines, traffic jams, bills, family obligations, endless to-do lists etc. The result is listlessness, inertia, mental lethargy.

The sensual side of healing starts at the core of your body. With the proper balance of relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and muscle stimulation, you not only heal your body from stress and anxiety, you also supercharge all the building blocks to bodily awareness. Once you can see senuality as a form of meditation, it will elevate not only just your mood. With the circulatory system pumping and flowing, & your heart rate steady, you can build up a wealth of sensation. I can teach you to read your body?s signals and ride the wave of energy. This energy can provide sexual release, and revitalize your body?s natural defenses to ward off the ongoing cycle of trauma we are exposed to in the daily grind. Mental clarity, physical awareness and retraining ourselves help us to not be overly-reactive but rather receptive to our surroundings and the possibilities of pleasure. We have all the tools needed to connect with our higher selves once we slow down long enough to utilize them properly. Once we detox for sensory overload we can tap into and filter through to the sensations that are both soothing and invigorating.

The main thing to be mindful of is that it's 50% your state of mind. Deep breathing, finding a comfortable area to spread out in, and letting sensation engulf you are other important points to consider. Don't get fixated on the actual orgasm it will alight like a butterfly of its own accord when your body is ready to receive it Masturbation is a meditation after all and like surrendering to a mistress, one must also surrender to the moment fully as well