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Imagine what it would feel like to enjoy masturbation. Imagine how fantastic it would feel if you no longer carried the shame or self-loathing after you orgasmed. How wonderful would that be? That is exactly what I am here for, to get you through the difficulties of guilt and embarrassment that can come from touching yourself and bringing yourself pleasure.

It's amazing how much angst someone can have surrounding sex from their earlier years. Little did we know how much guilt and shame someone can heap on us during those formative years. Blessedly, you have a Mistress who understands those difficult issues.

I am not a therapist and would not do therapy with you through the Internet. However, what I can do is be a knowing and understanding force for erotic healing from the difficulties you might be harboring deep inside. As an intuitive, I can almost "feel" what it is you are experiencing inside your body and even sometimes, your mind. I have experienced this same pain myself and have had many years of therapy to overcome the humiliation of enjoying sex and pleasure.

It is good to feel pleasure with sex and even with masturbation. I would say especially with masturbation. That is the one place so many of us hold embarrassment... or worse. We do not need to feel that way anymore. You are not alone anymore. Someone is here to be with you, to embrace you, to walk you through the wonderful erotic healing you are wanting and needing.

Let's get started! Let me guide you as you shed those emotions that feel so awful and let's get you feeling beautiful and whole again. Erotic healing can happen and we can do it together. I'm right there with you as you traverse these scary paths. We can walk them together.