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When you're looking for a Mistress to work with regarding your Erotic Healing, it can be very helpful to have someone who has done a great deal of her own inner work. While I am not a Licensed Therapist or practitioner, I have decades of my own varying types of therapy as well as counseling others, inside and outside of sex work, to draw upon. I would never profess to "cure" anyone, but what I can do with and for you is to "Hold the Space" as we talk through the issues with which you are seeking help.

How Might This Play Out?

The first thing we do is breathe for a minute or two together, getting attuned to each other's energies. Now, don't let the woo woo words distract you from the reality of feeling less shame, less pain, in sharing your innermost feelings and experiences with a knowledgeable Mistress.

As we talk, I am able to visualize where you are most having trouble. Is it inside your head where those parental tapes play incessantly? Might it be in your heart that someone broke because of your desire for kinky sex? Some people hold their pain in their shoulders or their backs. I am able to "feel" those places, "see" them and am able to help you release the sadness and difficulties. For some, they would consider this a type of long-distance Reiki; I don't disagree.


The most important part of my Erotic Healing is to help you remove the shame you might carry regarding your kinks and fetishes. I am ready and able to hold that shame and release it to the Universe to be transformed to positive energy for you to have instead. I spend the call sending you love... Universal love... love from a healer's heart. You are so important to me and I want you to feel your value to the world and Universe. You are irreplaceable and incredibly special. I want you to see you as I see you in your Soul's perfection.

One last note... if you want or need more live and in-person help, I can offer to guide you towards resources that support you and your needs. I do not ever want you to feel alone... because you can always talk to me.