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Lay down in a darkened room. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath, in and out. Slowly. Let everything and everyone fade away from your thoughts.

Feel me, my energy and my spirit come near. Listen to my voice, musical, sensual, erotic voice seep and cascade all around you. This is your time. This is my time. This is our time to be together, let me inside your heart and mind.

I will unlock your sexual energy and let all your vibrancy unleash and release. Erotica IS healing. It is rejuvenation itself. Sexual pleasure releases all the right hormones in your brain, and with my help, you will achieve utter bliss, effortlessly. I will be your Erotic Healing Guide from beginning to end, and all over again.

The Alina Sky Brand of Erotic Healing will help you with stress, with pressure of every day life. We will create a world where you are safe, secure, and free to be an erotic, sensual sexual being whose only goal is seeking and finding pleasure and bliss.

You deserve this release, these moments of freedom and self expression. Give yourself to me and relax, I will do the rest.

I will teach you how to clear your mind from all distraction and disturbance. My sensuality, skills and abilities will all focus on how to increase your entire well being.

Our bodies and our minds are meant to feel pleasure and that pleasure benefits us greatly. We can diminish stress, depression and even illness, when our minds and bodies are in a state of bliss, and repeated pleasure will enhance our overall health and happiness.

Healthy mind in a healthy body! During our time here together, my every thought and word will be focused on you. Our connection is going to go deeper and deeper so I can truly unlock and find all your hidden places that need tending to.

You will be amazed how great you are going to feel after every session we have together.

Close your eyes, breath, and give yourself to me.

Your sensual, loving, Erotic Healing Guide.
Welcome, to the Alina Sky Erotic Healing Experience