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When stress takes hold, I am here for you.

There are many things that can weigh us down in life. Many stresses that impact on our ability to nurture a healthy, happy balance. Dealing with this stress directly is the best way to free yourself of worry.

Being a Mistress, I am often exposed to the most vulnerable aspects of the human psyche. Things that most people keep in the deepest recesses of their minds are freely discussed in sessions with me. There is no shame, guilt or judgement here, only acceptance and light.

Most people believe that being a femdom involves treating men badly, degrading them and keeping them beneath our shoes. This belief is warped and doesn't take into the account the personal care and attention a real femdom needs to provide in order to balance the scales. Kink is a way for us to explore fantasies safely; but once the fantasy has been explored, aftercare is key! A true femdom knows when to be harsh and when to be loving. She has an open mind and an empathetic heart. She is the greatest listener and your most trusted confidant.

Lean on me in times of stress and I will help to guide you through a tranquil experience. Through erotic meditation, guided self-care and breath control we will break down the barriers and help to unlock your full potential.

With me you can feel truly safe and liberated. Open the box and let it all out! Through guided breathing, self massage, Meditation, and guided self reflection I will create a safe space for you to go anytime you feel you need a little bit of self-care.

I have been told I have a gift in making people feel completely comfortable. I am an empathetic listener who can support the conversation in whichever you would prefer - following or guiding it. We may not know one another yet, but I want you to know I care for you. You can confide in me without fear, and I will always treat you with the utmost consideration and care.

The opportunity to unwind can be so fleeting at times, and this is why I also offer custom audio experiences. Allowing you to access our safe space at a time that suits you, and as often as you need. These experiences include (but are not limited to) - ASMR, Trance, Meditation, Mantras etc. You can find my custom Audio ordering form on my website -cockdomme.com or feel free to email me directly ruby@enchantrixempire.com.