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Hi there, Mistress Becky here. I am really excited about all the sexy, fun, and loving possibilities this erotic healing holds. I am a former mental health counselor turned affectionate Mistress, and I entered the fun field of erotic phone sex precisely to be a vehicle of erotic healing.

I am a deeply sexual, wildly orgasmic born pervert who loves all things kinky, and there is nothing I can imagine more fulfilling than teaching people to celebrate their unique sexual DNA. My style is warm, sensual and authentic and I take a sincere pleasure in spending time with you. I am a woman who loves to take control over you, but I also love spending time with other perverts who want to take a peek behind the veil of social propriety with me.

I enjoy lovingly inflicting pain on sweet submissives who so desperately need it, Body Worship, including Oral Servitude, Cuckolding, Strap On Play, Ruined Orgasms, Denial and Edging Chastity Training/Caging, Cuckolding, Feminization/Sissy Training, Verbal Humiliation & Degradation, Cum Eating & JOI, Giantess Fantasies, Role plays and Sexual Fantasies, Cock Sucking Training & Coerced Bi Fantasies. Oh, and IРІР‚в„ўm a tiny bit bratty! I am also intelligent, curious, massively non judgemental, loving and authentic. I truly care about you!

I believe that we human beings have instilled a sense of shame in our beautiful human being-ness. There was an old Pacino flick where he claims that the rules were set up in opposition to our natures, and I can't say that I disagree with Al, who was admittedly playing the Devil at the time. I think we shouldnt be so fast to discard his point though. The point being is that we punish the very natural expression of our sexual energy, and that punishment has led to the need for some erotic healing. Our sexuality holds infinite possibilities for creating whatever we want to create- we can process trauma and conflict and the storm of our human experience through it, we can communicate with it- we can heal with it and we can hurt with it. We can create LIFE ITSELF through it. It's simply a tool that we can use to explore our world and our experience in the world- and in that way, WE get to be intentional regarding our sexuality, and the way in which we want to use it.

Using our sexuality to heal ourselves can take on so many forms, and we can have fun, irreverent and quirky sessions where we playfully entertain ourselves. We could discuss true and sincere sources of pain and shame and see if together, we could make sense of it in a way that supports you. We could lustily go forth and claim our sexual desires and reject any conditioning that tells us consensual sexy fun between adults is inherently immoral. We could have wild fantasy role plays. There are countless ways me and you could get each other in the feeling for some healing, or conversely, we could simply opt to recognize the world has gone mad, so we may as well join in on the fun!

DISCLAIMER: I do want to provide my own disclaimer, as someone who has practiced mental health counseling, this is NOT that. This is not mental health treatment at all. If you believe you will benefit from mental health therapy or treatment surrounding your sexuality, please check out the resource below: They will help you locate providers in your area that may be able to support you on your journey. But if you want someone to provide you with a space designed to support your sexual needs, desires, beliefs, all that yummy goodness- ina fun and sensual environment, I would love to talk to you! Plus, the likelihood that you will be allowed to play with your cock in sessions is substantially lower with those providers than with me ;-)