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Why Should I Call An Erotic Healer?

by Ms. Piper of

Eroticism gets a very bad rap. Those of us who enjoy sexual play off the beaten path often feel something is wrong with us, we should be ashamed of our desires or high sexual appetites. Some of us may like things that society says we should not like, such as homoerotic exploration, pain play, or humiliation.

I don’t have to tell you that our past affects our sexual present. Some of us came by our desires because of things that happened to us long ago. Sometimes these happenings were quite positive, sometimes they were quite negative. Most of the time, it’s extremely difficult to talk about these intimate secrets. How can you find someone you can trust and confide in?

What is an Erotic Healer?

An erotic healer understands sex, and she understands men. I may not have studied men in college, but I have been a student of my clients for a very long time, and have spent thousands of hours talking to men about sex. It is impossible to shock me.

Often I get nervous laughter and the question, “Is it weird that I like that?” To an erotic healer, it’s not weird, and chances are you are not the only person to confess a sexy desire. We are experienced in all kinds of kinks and fetishes and can answer your questions, lend an ear, rejoice in your victories, and laugh with you when things do not go quite as planned.

An Erotic Healer Accepts You as You Are

Erotic healing is about acceptance. You know this woman not only understands you, but she doesn’t try to change you. You like sucking cock? You like wearing womens clothing? You like eating cum? You like masturbating with melons? You’d like to be cuckolded? Then we should explore these things together. We should talk about them. These desires and fantasies are part of you and should be honored and respected.

I know sometimes you may feel if you just talk about these parts of you, they may take over and get out of control. Most of the time, however, this will not happen. In fact, it is the resistance to these strong feelings that’s driving you crazy. Healing your erotic self begins with you ceasing to condemn these very real aspects of your sexuality, which can be very difficult to do. Unless you are willing to do this, however, cannot sexually heal.

What If I Have a Kink that Creeps My Wife (or Girlfriend) Out?

Then you most certainly need an erotic confidante. If you are not yet ready to find a relationship in which you’re able to explore your kink or fetish, then do not think you’ll be fine. You won’t. Your kink will begin to dominate more and more of your time and focus until you find an outlet for it. Do yourself a favor and stop trying to push it away. Call your erotic healer and allow her to brainstorm healthy ways to deal with your desires.

You Deserve Erotic Healing

You may think it’s selfish to seek out a woman to heal you erotically, but you are wrong. We all deserve acceptance, and we all deserve to feel good about ourselves. Reach out to your erotic healer and stop feeling alone. I dare say you’ll never regret making your sexual health and peace a priority.